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  1. 2 samples are: 8/4=2 2x11=22 22+5=27 27-7=20 7x11=77 77-5=72 72+8=80 80/4=20
  2. If E=mc2 and F=ma are correct equations then these can be merge via certain methods as follow: E+F =mc2 +ma or E-F =mc2 - ma or E-ma =mc2 -F or EF=ac2m3 or F/E =a/c2 To make it easier, you can do any operation with one side of equation 2 to one side of equation 1 as long as you do the same with other side of equation 2 to the other side of equation 1. More equations means more number of ways to merge them in single equation or formulation.
  3. Where are the lines and triangles intersects ?? if height of triangle = distance between 2 lines
  4. Can they turn the card face up? hope they are not much into secrecy.
  5. The first or second player have overall advantage if all possible mxn board will be considered?
  6. There is no sense to this puzzle if there is no "sacrifice" done like cutting a mouse tail or tying knot to a tail. In that case to have more distinct codes to lessen the distance of travel.
  7. The mice have different color or have spots and marks and everyone knew which cell they will start as they knew who own them. Therefore less mice work.
  8. Is it allowed to be be rotated 90,180,270 degrees?
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