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Sheep Mowing service


If we tie a sheep to one peg it eats out a circle in grass. If we put a rope through a ring on its neck and tie both ends of the rope to two pegs it eats out an ellipse. If we want an oval we tighten one rope between two pegs put a ring with a rope on it and tie the sheep to its other end.

How to tie a sheep so that it eats out a square in grass? We have one sheep ropes pegs and rings.


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I'll try to explain this:

1) Put 4 pegs in the 4 corners of the square
2) Put a ring on the neck of the sheep and run a rope through it
3) Put rings on both ends of that rope.
4) Run a rope from one corner's peg, through the loop on one end of the rope attached to the sheep, and tie it to the peg on the same side of the square
5) Repeat step 4 for the other side.

The result would kind of look like an H, where the sheep can roam freely side to side along the middle rope (since it's looped through his neck ring), and up and down (since the middle rope is attached to the two side ropes). This would allow him to eat everywhere inside of the 4 pegs, but not be able to get outside of them at all...

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