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Saturday vs Sunday



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Short answer: SUNDAY.

Longer answer: Obviously it depends on your time constraint...but I assume you just mean "over all of time (after the Gregorian Calendar was established)"

Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday will start the year more often than any other days (and equally so). Then Wednesday and Thursday...and finally Monday and Saturday.

For example: over 10,000 years:
Sunday - 1450
Monday - 1400
Tuesday - 1450
Wednesday - 1425
Thursday - 1425
Friday - 1450
Saturday - 1400

and over 100,000 years:
Sunday - 14500
Monday - 14000
Tuesday - 14500
Wednesday - 14250
Thursday - 14250
Friday - 14500
Saturday - 14000

Obviously this is due to the 365 days per year means every year the starting day shifts by 1...except every 4 years it shifts by 2...except every 100 years it shifts back one...and then every 400 it moves ahead one...I could go into the math to really prove everything out...but I'll leave that for someone else...

Neat puzzle...very simple question that was fun to solve.

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