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Very Hard Grid Puzzle


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I'm guessing I don't have to worry that I'm doing your homework here ;)

Gerda Brownies . 12 $ 60

Klaus Face . . . 20 $100

Lydia Caricature 16 $ 80

Nancy Sand . . . 14 $ 50

Patch Weight . . 18 $ 70

Information you might overlook when solving.

Clue 1. The same person [turns out to be Gerda] both raised more money and served fewer customers than Nancy.

Clue 3. It was a woman who sold the brownies, eliminating Klaus and Patch as the brownie seller.

Clue 3. You find out early that 20 pairs with $100, and 16 pairs with $80. Later, you find that only one other 5x pair is possible.

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