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MiKi's intro--REVISED :D

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Woot woot! BD is BACK! And it has brought MiKi back with it!!! :D

So. I found my old intro. But it didn't really seem to describe me all that much anymore. So I'm posting a revised intro.

I've been a member for over 2 and a half years now, so I feel comfortable saying I'm an oldie. Which means that if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me, and I'll try to answer them!

I am MissKitten, but I usually go by MiKi [or Kitten or Kitty or, more commonly, Neko]. I am an avid mafia player, so you'll probably find me in the Games forum, but I'm gonna try and get back into solving riddles as well. Note: I'm not really good at either mafia or solving riddles, which seems incongruous to how much I love them. :lol: I'm always happy to talk to someone, or answer questions, or just generally get to know you. I generally try to welcome all the new members we have, and visit the Intro Yourself forum at least once a day.

IRL, I'm a freshman who's a little smarter than your average kid. I try not to judge people, because I find judging to be a way of expressing your insecurities in a negative way. I have nothing against homosexuality, and I will not hesitate to tell you this if you ask me. In fact, to a certain extent, I support homosexuality, and find it somewhat cute at times. I am also a great person to talk to if you need a confidante, because I will not judge you about anything, but will instead try and help you work out your problems, and will never reveal anything you tell me without your explicit permission.

I am an otaku. I love anime and manga. I've become pretty open to the world of anime/manga, and am always willing to explore new ones. My faves are, int his order: Liar Game, Death Note, Hetalia, Bleach, and Naruto. I also write a lot of fanfiction. Currently, I have roughly 3 and a half journals filled my fanfics, and have published 21 fics online. I write mostly romance and fluff, but I do have some non-romance fics up, and recently, my writing has become more angsty in nature. About half of what I write is slash/yaoi, and ranges anywhere from implied to hardcore M. But I also write some hetero stuff, and I'm always willing to do a commish if I'm familiar with the subject matter. I'm also obsessing over the BBC show Sherlock at the moment, so bear with me if I pull a Sherlock quote on you. ;)

Some general things: I tend to pepper my posts with smileys [a habit I've picked up from EDM]. This one hasn't been, mainly because I would ahve to count my smileys to make sure I don't exceed 10, and I'm feeling much too lazy atm. :P I'm a ninja! :ph34r: Lol, not really, I just want to be. You will see me refer to myself in third person a lot, or as a cat. I am secretly a cat in my spare time. :P I can be bipolar at times, so watch out for that. I don't really like me IRL life right now, as my parents are too conservative for my taste, and sometimes it pisses me off a lot. So I apologize in advance if I'm ever in a b*tchy mood.

So, yeah, welcome to the den! If you've survived all that ^^^ you'll have no trouble fitting in. :D

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