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I am though not new to this forum, but...sorry.... I missed to introduce myself here.

I like logical and all types of puzzles to solve, though I am week in English but I try to be clear.

I hope you will tolerate me in this forum and ........one more thing .... I don't know how to make friends.... but certainly I wish to be a good friend.

May I post a Logical Puzzle here.....! Please answer if you like it.

Here is the puzzle:

Five genius friends were enjoying picnic on the occasion of New year’s day. They played a very interesting game, which employed logical thinking.

One of the friends, Ajit wrote following words, on a sheet of paper:


Then, Ajit selected a secret word from the above list and secretly distributed all four letters of this word, to the other four friends, writing one letter each on the four different pieces of paper.

[1] After this Ajit told them, "None of you can tell how many vowels the word selected by me has."

All the other four friends agreed him.

[2] Then after a brief pause, on second instance, again Ajit said, "Still no body of you can tell how many vowels the secret word has."

Again all the other four friends agreed him.

[3] Again after a brief pause, third time, Ajit told them, "Still none of you know how many vowels the secret word has."

And then, Rohit, one of the four friends, came out to say, "I know what the secret word is..!!"

So, Friends, You are required to tell What was the SECRETE WORD and how Rohit came to know the word?

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