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Why won't this phone text?

She made a spelling error though :-p. Her message would look like:

why womt this phone text

yep~~~ :duh: and i thought there would be a chance this might be hard...

ahh well...

lets jsut say she was a blond! :P;)

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For 94499996666884444477777446666633833998

don't you mean it reads:


for "why womt this phone text" you need spaces.

so it would be 944999096666808444447777074466666330833998

assuming the mobile phones work the same there as they do here :)

How about this one (assume predictive texting is enabled).


i wish this mobile phone would just let me text a stupid message


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mys1235 I have no idea what saving the environment has anything to do with the puzzle, nor how wedding dresses contribute to the pollution of our earth. or drawing on the wall. or spitting. or world or warcraft. or- well, you get my point.

anyway, getting back to the puzzle.

[spoiler=i had to check my cell :)]whywomtthisphonetext... poor her... must be something wrong :(

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