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Framm 18


Since I think that WOT is going to be ending soon, I will start up the Sign-ups. This probably will not start till a couple of days after the end of WOT. I am still waiting to hear back from P4P.

Redwall Mafia

Host/Co-host- Framm 18/Pablos4pandas

Baddies- Have BTSC

Wincon- Kill all goodies or be in the majority

Group kill

Badrang the Tyrant- Using his brute force, blocks a player every night.

Cluny the Scourge- On even nights has one player receive the actions that are aimed towards him. On odd nights, can change the vote of a player to the player of his choice.

Ublaz Mad Eyes- Using his hypnotic eyes, he gets one player to tell him their role.

Ferahgo the Assassin- When spied upon appears as a random goodie.


Wincon- Kill all baddies and indy.

Matthias- Wielding the sword of Martin, he kills every night.

Cornflower- Wife of Matthias. As long as she is alive, Matthias cannot die.

Sergeant Wonwill- A boxing hare. Will sneak up on a player knocking them out for the night.

Abbess Germaine- With her knowledge of the healing arts, can save every night, Can only save self once, can't heal the same player 2x in a row.

Friar Hugo – bribes the Hosts (Recorders) with his food to allow him to change his vote to 2x, 1x, or 0x.

Log-a-log- Can kidnap a player every night, negating that players night action and cannot participate in that day’s lynch (can’t vote, can’t be lynched).

Gonff- Using his stealth can spy on any player without being detected. Finds out role.

Ghost of Martin- Can reveal role to a random goodie, or can spy, however, it takes a day to find out then can alter the night post the next night.

Urthstripe the Strong- If targeted by a Successful kill, gets overcome by Bloodwrath and kills the attacker as well.


Wincon-Kill Matthias or last one standing.

Slagar the Cruel- Having his face horrible disfigured while fleeing Redwall Abbey, he wants revenge on Matthias for what happened. Can RID Kill every odd night, if he fails two times in a row, it will be revealed to the player that he was targeted for an RID kill. If Matthias is killed another way, he must be the last one standing.

Blocks always prevail, and will be included in the night post if relevant.

In the case of a tie lynch. 1st time- no lynch, afterwards a random player gets lynched that was involved in the tie.

Inactivity- if inactive for a cycle and a half (Day/night then Day again or vice-versa) will be replaced or killed off the following night/day. Inactivity is defined as No PMing us an action or letting us know you are passing on the action during the night and no relevant posts (as in giving a reason for the vote, a bad excuse is better then no excuse in my opinion or reason for not voting) during the day. Will result in us, killing/replacing that player.

Days are standard 24 hours, and will start when I get all of the confirmations (looking at your role counts toward confirmation) or when I feel that the player has had enough time to look at the role and confirm.

Hosts/Recorders-Framm 18/Pablos4pandas















Any questions let me know.

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1) Phaze (as Mentor)Confirmed

2) P4P (as Mentor)

Music needs a replacement, this could be your last chance to get involved

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