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The grid below is to be filled with six numbers (3 vertical and 3 horizontal) from the given list. You can use each number more than once. After completing the number puzzle sum up all digits in the grid. This is defined as the score. What is the maximum possible score?

the grid and available numbers


Example: Using the numbers 40067 04802 78215 twice


The score is 73 (of course other solutions with higher scores are possible).

This old topic is locked since it was answered many times. You can check solution in the Spoiler below.

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The Number Puzzle - solution

This one is not verified – I used 2 numbers 39543 and 89398. And this is what the grid looks like:


So the total score is 147.

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Interesting puzzle. It would have been quite a bit easier if I could have cut and pasted the values. As it is, I had to type them all in manually. No biggie, though.

I got the same answer by summing all the sets, picking the one with the highest value, then moving down the list to find the highest numbers that fit.

After seeing that Rookie had not verified the answer, I decided to try to put the numbers in a database and use a select to find all the possible combinations.

Unless I goofed up somewhere, there are only 40 possible combinations.

Rookie’s answer is the highest.

The next best is 125 points for 52998, 90073, and 89398.

The lowest value is 38 points for 50221, 20420, and 11045.

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Interesting, but the infinite use rule and the number choice made it a little easy to spot.

Even without using a computer, it isn't too hard to verify.

First, score the likeliest numbers: (A+2B+C+2D+E)/2

1. 89398 scores 27.5

2. 48195 scores 22

?. 39543 scores 18.5

Even six uses of the 2nd place number wouldn't be produce enough points:



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