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Daily Puzzles and Illusions on Your Google Home Page

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If you have a google account, you can add my puzzles and illusions to your google personalized home page - igoogle.com. Thus you can start everyday with a new puzzle and optical illusion.

Add Brain Teasers gadget to your google home page.


Add Puzzles & Riddles gadget to your google home page.


Add Famous Optical Illusions gadget to your google home page.


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i like igoogle, this is where i found this website

the puzzles and riddles are very fun to solve! B))

this is a respect post to all the people who put up puzzles/riddles etc and the people that write the posts!

*cheer* :D

note: chuck norris facts rock!

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Again, I discovered this site through the gadgets, and both are great, the site and the gadget.

Some one should do a poll on how many brainden members found this site the the google gadgets, i think i'll do that. Keep a look out for the poll.

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