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  1. It's not a problem, it would have been fine had the game not finished unusually fast, and had I checked before I went to bed last night lol

    And I am GMT/UTC (If it helps, as I post this, it is around midnight)

    The game started at 11pm for me, and I think I checked it at 10 or so, then forgot to check again before going to bed - and then school and work happened the next day :/

    Don't worry about it :D

  2. Nope :P

    Here's a sorta better image: If I un-distort the last one any more, you'll easily get it, so you are getting a non-zoomed in version of the first image :P

    Have fun guessing :D


  3. Well, if you insist :P

    Here ya go - (And the filename is not the answer this time :L)


    Don't worry, you'll get a clue soon - I don't expect anyone to get it from this lol

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