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  1. That & the ruling on :00 voting warrants a purple question: Can you re-post the last roster including all changes that you deemed to be a clear intention of voting? Or at least say if the following is the public roster you took into consideration? 1) Phil1882 - voting for Bonanova 2) Nana77 - voting for Phil 3) bonanova - voting for TwoaDay 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot - voting for Plas 8) plasmid - voting for Bonanova 9) TwoaDay - voting for Kikacat 10) Kikacat123 - voting for Bonanova 11) Araver - voting for TwoaDay 12) Barca- voting for Phil Yes. Vote changes must clear and stand-alone. Asking the host to officially interpret posts from one player in the context of posts from other players is a slippery slope, one that I'm definitely going down. Consider the Day/Night deadline to be when a countdown timer would reach 0. "Utensils down, hands up!" Yes and yes. But he is susceptible to the tie penalty if he creates a tie.
  2. These folk would consider it to have been D3, not D2 then ;P
  3. No, the final roster showed no tie. See statement in bold above.
  4. Also, to clarify: vote changes must be official, and clearly in themselves indicate the intention to vote for a particular player or remove a vote.
  5. Intro N1: Nya Nya Nya Na Na D1: Mart(ian)-Mellow N2: Two Birds, One Groan D2: Missing in Action
  6. Day 2 On a prominence overlooking a deep valley whose rock walls blazed a brilliant red in the light of the setting sun, the heroes gathered to mourn their fallen friend. A cool breeze swept up the newly fallen leaves, waltzing with them over the long, solemn shadows projected onto the dusky earth. “She was a great warrior, strong and loyal, and she was a good friend,” Wonder Woman spoke reverently, and the others nodded. “May her gods return her spirit to the world from whence she came.” His jaw set far more firmly than any of the stones around them, Green Lantern turned and stamped away from the group. Zatanna levitated after him. “John, I know she meant a lot to you,” she began, reaching out a hand for his shoulder. “I could sense her feelings from the magic of her aura, and I know you meant a lot to her too…” He rounded on her with those intense impossibly green eyes. “Then you know I have to find her killer. Don’t get in my way.” The magician sighed. If only he knew...“Then let me come with you. I can help.” The pair searched long into the hours, until the last remnants of Day retired, but they could find no leads. Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver 12) Barca Night 3 begins now, ends tomorrow 9/15 at 9PM CST (i.e. must be time-stamped by 8:59). Thanks!
  7. Nope, can't find one. Day Post coming.
  8. That's a good question, lol. Technically they shouldn't, since a regular day is until 11:59 not 12:00...but no one asked...I'm checking to see if I set a precedent in a different game, if now, I'm going to have to say no.
  9. Less than 1.5 hours left in the Day!
  10. Fixing roster... Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 - voting for Bonanova 2) Nana77 - voting for Bonanova 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot - voting for Plas 8) plasmid - voting for Bonanova 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 - voting for Bonanova 11) Araver - voting for Onetruth 12) Barca- voting for Phil Thank you guys for keeping the headings though A little more than 7 hours left in the Day.
  11. Oops, I actually changed the rule before the game began to make all saves indistinguishable but forgot to edit that in when I was trying to make the OP (sorry...long story involving copy and pasting, formatting, and disappearing colors and stuff ). Anyways, I apologize for the confusion, but no.
  12. Links: Intro N1: Nya Nya Nya Na Na D1: Mart(ian)-Mellow N2: Two Birds, One Groan
  13. Night 2 Groaning, flamebirde rubbed his head and shook his fist. Who the *bleep* had put that *bleeping*... As he mentally swore, a shadow slid to loom over him. A voice that sent a shudder down his spine penetrated the Night: “Now I have you…” A lone form flew through the starry sky, patrolling the coast. The light of the silver-white moon, large and just shy of round, glinted off a golden hawk-shaped helmet and the spikes of a mysterious metal mace. It was another blessedly cool, crisp Night, but the cold winds did nothing to chill the red-hot rage inside the warrior’s chest. In fact, the memories of the conversation that drifted through her mind only fueled the flames of her anger. That Lantern...he was lecturing her on what it was to be a warrior? What gave him that right? She had fought tooth and nail for her right to wear the Thanagarian warrior mask, had been recognized for her skill in battle by other warriors who found alongside her and granted the honor of carrying Nth metal mace. He had been given a fancy piece of jewelry by some shrunken old men who had never set foot outside their home planet, let alone on a battlefield. And before, he had run around, patrolling patches of mud with other humans, fighting for some black tar that ultimately did more harm than good for their own planet, and waving around, of all things, guns...guns! A coward’s weapon. Oh, that man... So engrossed in her thoughts was she that she failed to notice the magical wall in front of her until she crashed unceremoniously right into it head-on, like...well, like a bird into a window. The jolt spasmed through her body to her wingtips and her vision began to darken. Moments later, her lithe form plummeted down...down...down… Felix Faust leered as he watched his target squirm. “Kekekekeke...I may have failed last Night,” his thin, stringent voice hissed, “But it seems toNight I will have easy prey.” As he spoke, his pale, gaunt fingers meticulously wove a spell through the air, creating a cage of mystical energy around the still disoriented flamebirde. A twist of his bony wrist and the cage began to shrink in on itself. “Now be smothered by the overwhelming power of the greatest wizard of all time!” he cackled. Finally returning to his senses, flamebirde shook his head. “Prey?” he echoed, incredulously. “I am no one’s prey.” The warrior spun around, her magical weapon smashing through the conjured cage with ease. Her wings spread proudly and she glared at her would-be attacker. “I fought wizards stronger than you in the Thanagarian system when I was barely a hatchling. You’re no more than a two-bit relic, whose parlor tricks only serve to humor children...well, maybe not so much in this day and age with the internet and all…” “Everyone has their weakness, even you, warrior,” Faust hissed and began chanting in a barely audible tone. “Yeah, and yours is talking too much,” a familiar voice interrupted...too familiar. A green glow greeted the corner of Hawkgirl’s eye. “Pfff, I didn’t need your help.” “As amiable as always, I see,” the form of Green Lantern quipped. “And what would you know about humor, you were born without any.” Hawkgirl’s lips opened to produce a retort, but they froze in horror as a blade forged of mystical energy lacerated the Lantern’s chest. “No!” she cried, running to him. Even though his had been the heart pierced, she felt pain stab sharply through hers. She tore off her mask and cradled his limp form in her arms. “John…” She squeezed his blood-covered hand. “I’m sorry…” He looked up at her, his pupils, which were becoming less impossibly green, dilating. His voice was weak, and fading. “Shayera, I’m…” She leaned in. “...not.” It took the warrior a moment to realize that the pain shooting through her chest was no longer purely emotional. She gaped down at the blade of mystical energy protruding from her chest before jerking her gaze back to the form in her arms, which was...dissolving? Understanding dawned on her as maniacal cackling grated into her awareness. She turned blood-shot eyes to her murderer. “So the proud warrior is nothing more than a silly girl at heart,” the wizard taunted, “Foolishly falling for a ‘parlor trick’ that, how did you put it, ‘would not even serve to humor children’.” Hawkgirl flung her arms, desperately feeling around for her mace, but she saw it was far away, where she had dropped it to run to the dying illusion. She tried to pull herself up, but instead burst out coughing, spewing blood around her. Memories flitted through her mind as her body collapsed, of her home, of her Thanagarian comrades...and of her new ones. One final image floated into her mental screen and stayed there...those impossibly green eyes... Faust sneered as the Thanagarian warrior’s body fell, lifeless, onto the blood-soaked earth. “As I said...everyone has their weakness.” Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde - DEAD [Hawkgirl] killed by Supervillains 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver 12) Barca Day 2 begins now, ends tomorrow 9/14 at 9PM CST!
  14. About 4.5 hours left in the Night. Feel free to send in your actions at any time...
  15. A quick clarification: Blocked actions do not count as being used. A little more than 9 hours left in the Night.
  16. Links: Intro N1: Nya Nya Nya Na Na D1: Mart(ian)-Mellow Oh, and there will be a ghost thread...soon...
  17. Day 1 It had started as a quiet Day in the Watchtower, with Flash doing his usual rounds...every 2.3 seconds, Batman somehow keeping his eye on everything that was going on over his morning coffee...well, everything important anyways...and Green Lantern checking in with the Guardians of Oa on the status of the neighboring galaxies...just the usual stuff… But as the hours starting getting long, a restlessness began to grow amidst the heroes, a sense of suspicion and fear. Finally, they decided that one of the players must be removed from the state: Tolecnal. When informed of her impending demise, she simply nodded and accepted her fate with trademarked calm. It may be for the best, her mellifluous telepathic voice intoned in their heads. Now I will be reunited with my people. And with that, the Martian Manhunter phased out of existence. Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal - DEAD [Martian Manhunter] lynched 5) flamebirde 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver 12) Barca Sorry to see you go :/, Tolecnal, thanks for playing. Night 2 begins now, ends tomorrow 9/13 at 9PM CST!
  18. Dr. Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 -voting for tolecnal 2) Nana77 - voting for tolecnal 3) bonanova - voting for Nana 4) tolecnal 5) flamebirde 6) onetruth - voting for Phil 7) dee_tot - voting for Kikacat123 8) plasmid - voting for onetruth 9) TwoaDay - voting for Nana 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver - voting for tolecnal 12) Barc - voting for Flamebirde Less than 5 hours remaining in the Day!
  19. Yes. Yes. No. Yes, the actual baddie is shown.
  20. Night 1 A patch of cold had briefly chased away the heat and humidity of summer. Hence the air was crisp and clear and the line of light sliced through it cleanly before opening up into a doorway sized oval. Through the portal of light a helmeted silhouette emerged. As he stepped through, the rift in space time re-sealed itself behind him. The figure stared at the house in front of him, plain and unassuming, like all the other houses on the block. But anticipation and dread filled his thoughts as the other him began talking in his head. “I know,” he answered it after a moment. “I know…” Nana impatiently flipped through the 380 channels on her plasma TV, going from a sports channel to a cooking show to another sports channel to a Spanish soap to another sports channel… A sudden chill in the air woke her up from her revelry and she spun around. A gaunt figure in a dark robe stood behind her, his bony fingers twisted around a talisman of some sort, chanting in a tongue she had never heard before. “Who are you? How did you get into my house?” The figure raised his head, revealing jaunty features set in a sickly pallor. “I am the world’s greatest wizard, I am here to kill you. You should be honored.” His thin lips turned into what was most probably supposed to be a smile, but the end result appeared to be a leering grimace. “As for how I got in here...well, magic opens many doors…” He began chanting again and abruptly Nana felt her throat constrict and herself unable to breath. The leering grimace deepened. Ding-dong! Faust frowned. “Who is that?” “My...date…” Nana choked. She gathered all the strength she could into a scream. “Heeeelllllp!” CRASH! The door flew open and a strapping, well built man stormed into the room. Faust took in the new arrival’s musculature and glanced at his own...lack thereof. Sighing, he made a judgement call. “I’ll get you next time!” He cried before vanishing in a puff of smoke. The Justice Leaguer yawned. It had been a long day. After making short work of Captain Cold and Mirror Master, the League had gone on to stop 23 other crimes...well 24 if you counted helping that kid with the bullies that had been picking on him. Now it was time for bed. Before the JLer could snuggle under the warm, inviting covers though, there came a knock at the door. “Who is it?” was grudgingly asked. Silence, then came the answer from a voice that seems to carry a strange echo: “Fate.” Sighing, the JLer trudged to the door and threw it open. “Oh, it’s you…” The visitor nodded slowly. “It’s coming...and your help is needed.” Doctor Fate: Y-san Roster: 1) Phil1882 2) Nana77 3) bonanova 4) tolecnal 5) flamebirde 6) onetruth 7) dee_tot 8) plasmid 9) TwoaDay 10) Kikacat123 11) Araver 12) Barca Day 1 begins now, ends tomorrow 9/12 at 9PM CST!
  21. <7 hours left in Night 1. Remember to send in your actions...lol... If neone sees Barca, please let him know the game started... On an aside, saw a preview of Gotham...OMG looks so good .
  22. Yes. Last faction standing unless otherwise stated. Confirmed. And crud, when a host says "unless otherwise stated" and the OP doesn't have any statements of otherwise-ness, that makes me think there are secrets in play. Can you confirm or deny the existence of secret abilities or secret wincons? I think it just means you should play more of my games... I actually use "unless otherwise stated" a lot, I tend to set general rules of thumb (see the 'Miscellaneous Rules' section), for reasons including but not limited to: 1) Making things shorter, and 2) To hopefully facilitate players being able to figure out answers to questions in case I'm not online On that note: there are no secrets, unless otherwise stated ;P
  23. Yes. Last faction standing unless otherwise stated.
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