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  1. Hi Nemesis. As it has been verified that one of the two dogs is a male, the only probability for the other also being a male is that both are males, as given by the remaining three equally likely possibilities (1,2,3). As both 2 and 3 are invalid, 1 is the only valid result.
  2. To see this, let us call one of the dogs X and the other Y. Initially we have four equally likely possibilities: X=Male, Y=Male X=Male, Y=Female X=Female, Y=Male X=Female, Y=Female This is our starting point. If the question were simply, “What is the probability that two randomly chosen dogs are both males?” then the correct answer would be 1/4. (This would be a good time to state explicitly that we assume that males and females are equally likely.) However, we receive information from the fellow giving them a bath that allows us to update our probabilities. We
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