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  1. Ohhh... I get what you mean now. So it was a language barrier. Thanks a lot for a clarification!
  2. HI, thanks for the feedback, my issue with this explanation is, we learn at least 1 dog is M and I agree with the 3 remaining possibilities. However, the question is "What is the probability that the other one is a male?" Not, "what is possibility that both are males", and it also doesn't tell you whether the first one is M or F, since the statement was that at least one is a M. I interpreted it like this: you pick one dog, and must find out what is possibility the other one is a male. I'm not a native speaker. So you interpret the question like "what is possibility that b
  3. Hey guys, this is actually an old problem solved by vos Savant, and I can't get to the bottom of it. It goes like this: A shopkeeper says she has two new baby beagles to show you, but she doesn't know whether they're male, female, or a pair. You tell her that you want only a male, and she telephones the fellow who's giving them a bath. "Is at least one a male?" she asks him. "Yes!" she informs you with a smile. What is the probability that the other one is a male? Savant replied "one out of three". I convinced myself pretty hard that the answer should be 2/3, so I'm looking
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