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  1. words that describe themselves are homogenus. some examples are: English is an English word, or polysyllabic is a polysyllabic word. hetrogenus are words that don't describe themselves. is hetrogenus a hetrogenus word?
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    a physicist, a computer scientist, a biologist walk into a bar. the computer scientist says, " i can't tell whether we'll ever stop." the physicist says, " either way is probable" the biologist says, "we will if it benefits our survival"
  3. a coin is flipped until it comes up tails. lets call the number of flips T. I'll randomly place 3^T in one box, and 3^(T-1) in the other. now i give you the option of choosing one box. after seeing the contents, you can switch. would it be to your advantage to switch?
  4. i know its fairly late to answer this, still... if the earth and the space ship are traveling constant velocity you would be correct. but generally the rocket accelerates, (at least until its out of the atmosphere) and you can tell when you accelerate.
  5. i have no idea. if i was forced to guess, i would guess either 4 or 5.
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