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  1. Common Nikyma....that list is so comprehensive...yet so lacking. Not too many forms of media left :)

    I know! Starting to get frustrating. I'm sure I'm dancing circles around your answer.

    binary code?

  2. It's all good. I heard this a long time ago but not on this website. A former co-worker told me this and I was stumped for weeks. .My little nephew at the time (11 y/o) got it before I did...lol.....I liked it though. Good job in executing it.

    I think it is on here, as Romeo and Juliet. Makes it a little tricky to find.

  3. Quite right Nikyma, well done. And how about Dawg and d3k3 not answering so mafrofro would get it himiself? I'm all choked up. You guys...

    Now I feel guilty for answering...I didn't realize he was on a mission. :o

  4. :D

    13. Signs--Tesla

    Got it :D

    Just kidding! I love 80's hair rock and I'm not afraid to admit it!

    1) Headed for a Heartbreak - Winger. (This one threw me. Cockles had me looking for a song about crabs)

    and 2) Down Boys - Warant

    Yay, that closes this one out.

    Glad you had fun. Now I have to think of another cheesy music genre. How's your disco knowledge? :mellow:

  5. I see what you mean when you said earlier I had it backwards....

    your husband is cheating on us - Denise Lasalle

    Never would have gotten this one without reverse engineering...so not happy with myself.

    you're taking up another mans place - mabel john.

    You got em both, that's all that counts. ;)

  6. 1. Discomfort within one's center - Pain in My Heart, Otis Redding - Dawg

    2. The mate which is belonging to one is chiseling on we two - UNSOLVED

    3. Confection - Zeppo

    4. Less expensive to retain miss - Cheaper to Keep Her, (Dawg couldn't come up with artist on this one)

    5. Attempt a small amount of delicacy - Try a Little Tenderness, Otis Redding - PA

    6. One is accumulating an additional fellow's location - UNSOLVED

    7. Vagrant - Tramp, Otis Redding - Dawg

    8. Difficult to manage - Hard to Handle, Otis Redding - PA

    9. first person has existed solitarily for an extensive period - I've Been Lonely For So Long - Frederick Knight - d3k3, with an assist by peace*out

    10. Environmentally friendly bulbs - Green Onions, Booker T & the MG's - Dawg

    artists are Denise LaSalle & Mable John

  7. 1. Moving in the direction of a cockle crack - UNSOLVED

    2. Minors left feral - Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row - d3k3

    3. My desire is to slate - I Wanna Rock - Twisted Sister - d3k3

    4. Osculate me lethally -Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford - d3k3

    5. Brush it with your tongue until it ascends - Lick it Up - Kiss - Zeppo, d3k3

    6. Circular and revolving - Round & Round - Ratt - Zeppo

    7. Verbalize unsanitarily in my direction - Talk Dirty to Me - Poison - d3k3, zeppo

    8. Approaching my domecile - Coming Home - Cinderella - Zeppo

    9. Lasses, belles, skirts - Girls, Girls, Girls - Motley Crue - d3k3

    10.Surviving atop a invocation - Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi - d3k3, zeppo

    11. Lower lads - UNSOLVED

    12. Alloy well-being - Metal Health - Quiet Riot - d3k3

    13. Omens - UNSOLVED

    14. Presently I depart once more - Here I Go Again - Whitesnake - Zeppo

    15. Snapshot - Photograph - Def Leppard - d3k3

    The bands are Warrent, Tesla, & Winger in no particular order.

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