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  1. I think what she means here is that the fractions can continue infinitely but in the end none of the factions are going to be greater than 1. Technically this is true, if Infinity in number form is an unimaginable amount of numbers, then putting any of those unimaginable amount of numbers under the fraction would never get you above 1 or below zero. While I was saying this, I figured something out, if you put a fraction which is also part of an Infinity of numbers under 1, that would get you a whole number which is above 1.
  2. I would say that branch is succeeding. The aim of that Branch was to create a product that nobody would buy and that took into account the fact that creating all those products would drain money from the company iitself. In the end, the branch is actually succeeding for accomplishing its designated role in the company and So based on this, technically that branch is succeeding.
  3. Liar

    Express Lane

    Wow, that was a good one. My answer to this would be it's just one item multiplied 100 times. Sorry I don't really give straightforward yes or no answers but that's my answer.
  4. Liar

    A New Universe

    Well first the universe would explode. But it seems like the Paradox here is the fact that not only does everybody have to agree with you they also have to listen to you. If they only had to agree with you then the statement "Stop agreeing with me." would do nothing. Also they could just be agreeing to disagree, it satisfies both laws of the universe. Not only would they be listening to your statement "stop agreeing with me" they would also be agreeing with you at the same time.
  5. Couldn't he have just been defending his idea and belief and not a specific God. He just called it no God God because he wanted to.
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