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  1. There's always that controversy about how science and religion don't mesh. How one is based on the unknown and requires faith while the other doesn't accept an idea until there's hard cold evidence to back it up. But in the world of science, isn't faith required to discover whether or not something is worthy of being deemed fact or fiction? With all the insistent studies to cure diseases, researches on what might be out there in space, and even simple things like what might happen if two chemicals are mixed... isn't there a level of faith there to give the drive to discover in the first place?
  2. Honestly I think whether you acknowledge that you believed in a God or not, you have a good. See, there's more than one way to define a "God" which in some cases is described as an idol or something that passionately believed in, follow, and conjure up faith for. So yeah I think even Rich has a God because there's something in his life that he holds in a form of reverence or higher than himself.
  3. But even saying "I can't describe it" articulates some manner of an understanding for how the situation/incidence makes you feel, which you've managed to reciprocate to someone else. In the end, you'll always be "describing" something that's indescribable. I think its better to just shrug when you're speechless about a situation lol. That way you really do show that you cannot fathom a description.
  4. The definition of the word definition, to put it simply, is the description of the literary value and logical, generally established perception of a word. The "logical and generally established perception" of the word definition is the logical and generally established perception of a word. Kinda runs you round in circles lol.
  5. Oooh I like the first one. Okay, the way I see it is that the bullet will NOT get through the armor for the simple fact that the armor is absolutely bullet-proof whereas the bullet can get through "any" barrier... I'd rather go with the absolute option than the vague one. As for the second one I'm gonna look on it with a spiritual concept and say that if you believe in any sort of afterlife then yes, the man can drown in the fountain of eternal life. He'll only die and then live on in the afterlife anyway. Not a problem. God creates a pebble and then declares "I shall never pick it up
  6. I would say: "Whatever you do to my child requires movement." Because technically, if the crocodile wants the eat the child he'll have to move his jaws, if he wants to return it he'll have to swim, and even if he just keeps still he'll be breathing so in the end there's no way the woman could be wrong. She could also say: "Whatever you do, you'll be breathing."
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