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  1. Think about these

    on number 7 the girl would be stuck in a infinite time loop for the rest of her life.and who would kill their grandparents before their parents are born?!?!
  2. What am I? II

    i think it is water
  3. Chuck Norris Gadget

    rambo was based on chuck norris childhood...only its sensored
  4. Chuck Norris Gadget

    i agree with andrefal
  5. failure

    you have failed and succeded
  6. Future-telling machine

    also,that person would be stuck in a time loop because since the accident never happend he woudnt have prevented it so he would be stuck in a infinite time loop of preventing and not preventing the accident.
  7. Future-telling machine

    a time machine will never be invented otherwise the future government would have used it
  8. Liar Paradox (Eubulid or Epimenides Paradox)

    there is not a answer because the truth and the lie defy ea ch other indefinitly.