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  1. @All: Sorry, I haven't been around... I've been all over the place this weekend. (My friends kidnapped me a lot for my b-day lol) But I'm here, I've read up on everything and I think I have a good idea of who we need to go for tonight and tomorrow for the lynch.

    And who would that be? :ph34r:

  2. @Abhisk - my remarks to you in are still valid. Even more since Framm was revealed a baddie.

    I really think you can stay alive AND help your faction by sharing some info.

    Well it wouldn't be helping our faction if the baddies knew what I know right now about some goodies. In fact it would hurt us. That's why I took the decision of not saying anything, and hoping that goodies can figure it out(it's possible)

  3. @abhisk - I'm probably not seeing what you see. I only see Framm's initial defense stating he has no info to "save himself" (instead of "clear himself"?). In D2, I see only GM suspiciously bandwagonning with no reason, missing how many people actually know his role (which was partially cleared by maurice I think) AND then missing the fact that Zombie can only follow a player (Action spy), not learn his role.

    It has to do with who he voted on.

  4. Anyways, think about who Herobrine would save and the fact that Abhisk wasn't killed last night. ;)

    My defense: if you were herobrine, would you actually save yourself? You would get suspicion onto yourself on purpose, and you would most proabably get lynched. Instead you would put the save on someone else and get them to get lynched...

  5. @ Vineetrika and Maurice...you guys, Framm may be a liquid (very unlikely.) But baddies have a vote change. So does notch. So do a few others. So it might be wise to take out the person we think is bad. And Framm has made 2 slip-ups, with no defense. See my point?

  6. Server Owner: Blablah

    1) Vineetrika - voting for Sayalzah

    2) Peace - Dead: Banned and found to be Ghast

    3) Slick - Trapped. Cannot vote or post.

    4) Araver - voting for maurice

    5) Hirkala

    6) Framm - Voting for Hirkala

    7) Abhisk - voting for Framm

    8) solman - Dead: Killed by Creeper

    9) GMaster479 - voting for Framm

    10) maurice - voting for Sayalzah

    11) EDM - voting for maurice

    12) curr3nt - voting for Framm

    13) Marq

    14) Shadow - voting for maurice

    15) darth nox - voting for Framm

    16) sayalzah - voting for Framm

    17) Molly Mae

  7. Framm made another mistake. Can't point it out right now because of what it would reveal (it happened in the day). Put my vote down as Framm. Baddies trying to get maurice? (Thats what it seems like at least).

    EDIT: The post with me sighing in it is related to why I think Framm is bad. Anyone else see it?

  8. Well that means that slick, araver, framm, and maurice are not zombie pigman(unless they got vote redirected on purpose by themselves which is unlikely.) Well at least no goodie died. Cheers. B))

    Onto the night!

  9. Clarification: Kills can be stopped by blocks and redirects.

    Just clarifying this: you do mean that a kill would be redirected if redirect, not completely stopped, correct?

  10. Well thing is anyone can say that they miscounted. But I don't think that you can miscount this especially since sayalzahs color was brown. But maybe?

    Also when does the day end? I didn't catch it, and assumed it was 24 hours after night post, but I think Vineetrika said it ended at 5.

  11. Wow each time I clicked next page, there was a new page at the bottom. :lol:

    Anyways, few suspicions right off of the bat here.

    Framm: Why would you vote for peace(2 votes) when you had 3 votes, and sayalzah also had 3? Wouldn't the logical thing to do is vote for sayalzah, since that would add one more vote on you next time? Unless you guys are comrades...

    On all people that have many votes on them, and have not defended anything, you are on my suspicion list too...why would anyone do that? Do you want to get more votes onto you? Do you not care if you are lynch? Or do you know that you are somehow safe.

    Anyways I'm probably still being paranoid here...

    Question to blah:

    Notch and Herobrine had the same die roll action: block. So does that mean that they will both always have the same die roll action, or was that just random?

    I'll be active till the end of the day.

    EDIT: I finally remember the thrill of mafia again :D

  12. Server Owner: Blablah

    1) Vineetrika

    2) Peace - voting for Framm

    3) Slick

    4) Araver

    5) Hirkala - Voting for darth nox

    6) Framm - Voting for Abhisk

    7) Abhisk - Voting for Araver

    8) solman - Dead: Killed by Creeper

    9) GMaster479

    10) maurice

    11) EDM

    12) curr3nt - Voting for Araver

    13) Marq

    14) Shadow

    15) darth nox

    16) sayalzah

    17) Molly Mae - Trapped. Cannot post or vote.


  13. Server Owner: Blablah

    1) Vineetrika

    2) Peace

    3) Slick

    4) Araver

    5) Hirkala - Voting for darth nox

    6) Framm - Voting for Abhisk

    7) Abhisk - Voting for Araver

    8) solman - Dead: Killed by Creeper

    9) GMaster479

    10) maurice

    11) EDM

    12) curr3nt

    13) Marq

    14) Shadow

    15) darth nox

    16) sayalzah

    17) Molly Mae - Trapped. Cannot post or vote.

    Why thanks Framm. :P

    Just the usual randomness/mini hunch/probably fail guess. xD

    4 EDITS: 4 bad color choices in a row...sigh.

  14. Intro Post

    It all started with ?????. He had just arrived from another world and saw how peaceful and quiet the area was.

    "Peace? Peace? It's much better to be invading instead of having peace!", he shouted

    Of course he needed both money and materials to finance his invasion, which he had. But he wasn't powerful enough to take on all the countries by himself, so...

    He would clone some random person and make the countries fight among themselves. ????? then saw a random moron named Andy. Andy was currently asking what an airport was and generally being stupid. ????? was shocked that these people could be such idiots, but he settled for cloning him.


    "Orange Star Attacks Green Earth! IT'S WAR!" was on the headlines of all the newspapers in Green Earth, Blue Moon, and Yellow Comet. As each country mobilized to deal with the Orange Star threat, ????? smiled at his base. "These fools will never see it coming! Now all I have to do is wait for the countries to destroy themselves."


    Blue Moon HQ:

    Olaf: Grit! Grit! Where are you man? We have work to do.

    Grit: Aw man... Even the chickens are still sleeping. Yawn..........

    Olaf: Get up, you good-for-nothing bum. Orange Star has just attacked our motherland, Blue Moon. Its time for revenge. We'll take their land and make them regret the day the challenged us.

    Grit: Why? Their land didn't even belong to us in the first place.

    Olaf: That's not the point! We'll attack as soon as possible. Mobilize the troops!

    Grit: Sure, whatever you say, O Bearded One.

    Yellow Comet HQ:

    Kanbei: The Orange Star Army has just arrived like a plague. We must search and destroy.

    Sonja: So what happened, Father?

    Kanbei: Orange Star has just attacked our land to gain even more. We must counterattack in force.

    Sonja: Sigh... You never get any intelligence, Father. We only have 1 tank, 1 medium tank, and 1 artillery. Let's wait and build up our army first.

    Green Earth HQ:

    Drake: Hello Eagle. What have you been up to lately?

    Eagle: Not much. Just hunting down that scum, Andy.

    Drake: Why? He's just a kid.

    Eagle: The look on his face during the assault. I'll never forget it. NEVER! He'll rue the day he fooled Eagle, Prince of the Skies!

    Drake: Okay.... I'll leave you to rant about Andy.

    And with that, Fog of War came and obscured everyone's vision. To make matters worse, rain arrived, making visibility extremely crappy.

    BADDIES: (Orange Star) Have 1 kill per night and BTSC.

    Andy: Sends a PM to the host detailing a message. It will be posted in the Night Post as a message from Orange Star, the country that's been kicking a** and taking names.

    Max: Uses those huge arms and knocks out one player per night, blocking their action.

    Sami: Vote will count as 0x, 1x, or 2x.

    Secret ability: ?

    WINCON: Be in majority.

    GOODIES: Everyone other country.

    Olaf: Master of the snow. Blocks one player per night by sending a blizzard upon them.

    Grit: Laid-back personality makes him easy to work with. Spies one action from a player.

    Kanbei: Even bigger moron than Andy. Has a kill per night. Takes two hits to die at night, but can still be lynched in the daytime. Has BTSC with Drake.

    Secret ability: ?

    Sonja: The undisputed master of FoW (Fog of War). Spies one role from a player.

    Secret ability: ?

    Drake: Virtually unstoppable at naval combat. Learns role of dead player.(night or day) Has BTSC with Kanbei.

    Secret ability: ?

    Eagle: Personality is summed up in two words: "Arrogant b******". Traps one player for the night and asks one question. If satisfied with the answer, he can release them in the daytime or keep them locked up.

    *Can do this twice in one night. With that, there is a 40% chance the baddies learn his identity.

    Clone Andy: Used to be in league with the independent, but went haywire and is now working for the goodies. Has one save per night. Can't save same person twice in a row and can only save self once. (Saving prevents all deaths during the night)

    Secret ability: ?

    Independent: ?????

    Each night I roll a die.

    1: Save self.

    2: Spy role.

    3: Spy action.

    4: Redirect target (night)

    5: Redirect vote (day)

    6: Any of the above.

    WINCON: ?

    Other rules:

    Blocks/traps are first priority.

    There will be as little death as possible. If Player A targets Player B and Player B targets Player C, only Player B will die.

    Whatever I say goes.

    Tied result leads to coin flip.

    There will be a Day 0 vote. This is to determine who writes the first day post. (Since I kind of suck at those) :(

    The first person to die will write the day post for Day 2.

    Final Roster:

    Host: Filly

    1) Blablah

    2) Yuiop

    3) LJ

    4) Izzy

    5) Molly Mae

    6) GC

    7) Glycereine

    8) qwerty

    9) Framm


    11) Abhisk


    1) MissKitten

    2) slick

    Just adding this to the main thread.

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