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  1. One fateful sunday morning, there was a murder. There were three suspects: The cook, the mailman, and the victim's wife. A detective came and asked who killed him to the suspects. The wife said that she wouldnt kill him because she was earning a living of his money, and she loved him. The mailman said that he just delivered the mail and then left. The cook said he was cooking at the time of the murder, and that he heard a scream from the victims room. When the cook went there, all he saw was the victims body, and the wife crying. The wife agrees to this. Who killed the victim, and how do you know?

  2. A woman was dying. The womans husband asked a doctor to do an operation as quickly as possible. The docter said that he had to pay for the operation if it failed, and if it was succesful. It turned out that the man didnt have to pay for the operation. How is this possible?

  3. A boy was born before his father, and when he grew up, his sister married him. How is this possible?

    before means as in front."Boy born in front of father." His sister was the person who married people,like who says,"Do you agree" at marriages.

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