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  1. How did I become bad by saying that? Wouldn't that be a better strategy for the baddies to keep quiet? And use again?
  2. But with this order of actions (first in, first to act) the baddies could time it to throw suspicion. One of them acts, then Samuel "blocks," knowing it won't work but will make it look as if the one he blocked is good...
  3. 1)-Yuiop-DEAD-Killed by the Pirates. 2)-Filly - Voting for Harvey 3)-LJ - Voting for Harvey 4)-Harvey - Voting for Molly Mae 5)-Glycerine - Voting for Molly Mae 6)-Hirkala - Voting for LJ 7)-Slick - IN JAIL. 8)-Molly Mae 9)-GMaster - voting for Framm 10)-Framm - Voting for Gmaster As I said in my other post, I am suspicious of LJ. And him changing his vote to Harvey after I said that made me more suspicious, hence my vote. EDIT: Fixed color
  4. This is suspicious... It would be really convenient for Molly if she was bad. Fighting pretty hard to have the Sergeant out himself. Trying to get everyone to kill off imprisoned players, which would most likely take out a couple goodies and could make the Sergeant out himself, allowing the baddies to kill him. Baddies win. Us killing off other good players just to out the Sergeant would be the worst strategy i can think of being a goodie... Which makes me think that Slick is good. That would make Molly bad and probably one of the other two currently voting for Slick. I would lean more toward LJ being the bad one between he and Harvey. Or maybe they both are and Molly just had a moment of naivete... Who knows?
  5. I said my NAME wasn't up there. Didn't say anything about my ROLE not being there.
  6. My defense? Well, I'll start with this. Putting pressure on me is kind of pointless considering I haven't said anything yet and have nothing to defend myself with. What do I say? "I'm a goodie?" That could be a lie. My name isn't in the post, so I have no way to put up a defense without outing my role. Hmmm... Day 1 defense is pretty rough. Hopefully, I can get a better defense set up after more conversation has happened. @Framm: I really appreciate the gift! But, seriously, it's just too much, I can't accept it! You can take it back! LOL
  7. As in tomorrow, Monday? Cause if that's the case, someone else needs to join up fast... I want to play... SOMEONE SIGN UP!!!
  8. Thanks! Good to be here!

  9. Heh, I've actually read it 3 times so far and plan to read it again before this thing starts. But, I doubt I will fully grasp it until I start playing. But, I pick things up quick, so hopefully this will be the same way.
  10. Host: BlaBlah 1) yuiop 2) Filly 3) LJ 4) Harvey 5) Glycereine 6) Hirkala 7) 8) 9) 10) So, this is my first time playing Mafia... Not sure how well this will go... lol
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