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  1. C'moon people , last year a roster like this would've filled up in no time... Just started a couple of weeks ago to play Mafia live - irl I mean - with different number of players : from 7 to 13 so far... and it's fun .. and I miss playing it online The strategy is much more complex online.. in real life u ain't got the time for strategy neither as a goodie or a baddie .. we have like 3 minutes to choose someone to lynch during the day and not enough roles to ascertain one's role after just one night and at night .. as werevolves (like the game is played) u only have a few seconds to decide on a victim .. and you cannot talk to the other baddies , you can only understand yourselves by looking in eachother's eyes.. otherwise the rest of the village would know who you are.. But it's FUN !! and a great game to meet someone , to really get to know them..
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