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Even though I have an endlessly difficult and intellectually stimulating job, I find it's not enough to satisfy the little wheels that constantly turn in my head. So here's my idea. I'd like to form a little group willing to read good books and discuss the ideas in the books in an open and intellectual manner. We can do both fiction and non-fiction, but the books must have some intellectual element or over-riding philosophical idea guiding the text. We do a chapter at a time or a certain number of pages or whatever and go slow enough that it's not a burden to keep up. I'd love to participate in something like this with other "smarties."

We can all suggest books and offer why we want to read them, then vote. Majority rules on what we read and we can all veto any book we find offensive for any reason with no questions asked. Sound good?

If you are interested, post your interest here and if we get 5 people it's a go.

Admin: if you have a problem with this activity here, I fully understand. Though, we'd hope you'd join in.

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