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I had an idea for a mafia game (I like designing roles, writing stories and such) so I've decided to put it up for constructive criticism (especially for balancing) and maybe hosting it (uh, maybe co-hosting) :huh: . So here goes.


Wyrmhaven was the frontier city of Helms Guard, the alliance of the three nations in the Central Kingdom. It controlled the trade routes to and from Frostguard Valley, a valley with rich veins of mithril and soul crystals.

The trade rakes in a lot of earnings for the treasury of the city and Wyrmhaven was easily the riches frontier city. It was even said that the baron of the city commanded the second largest army in Central Kingdom and was the third most powerful man in the kingdom. Because of its strategic location, every faction in Central Kingdom have had their eyes on the city, bidding their time to take over the city and eventually the whole of Central Kingdom.

Their attempts have always been thwarted by the first baron of Wyrmhaven. He was a smart and commanding ruler who maintained peace and control in the city. When the first baron passed away, there was a power struggle between his two sons and the evil elder son prevailed using underhanded methods. However, he made many enemies during that struggle.

"Peace" returned to Wyrmhaven shortly after the new baron was crowned - but that peace is a one that will soon crumble.


The assassin paused. He was being tailed. He quickly slid through the crowd and darted into a small alleyway. Back to the wall, he readied his dagger. A moment later a figure turned into the alleyway, finding the tip of the dagger at its throat. It smirked as it lowered its hood. The assassin was staring at his own face!

"Who... What are you?" he asked.

"Come with me if you want answers," it replied and with reflexes as fast as the assassin's, it snatched the dagger and pocketed it. Knowing that he was at a disadvantage the assassin yielded and followed the figure.

They entered a small shop selling various medical potions. The figure guided the assassin to the back, where two others were seated at a long table. He readied another dagger and almost hurled it at the figure when it morphed back into the faceless being it was - the Doppleganger.

The Mastermind smirked. 'Welcome comrade. We were expecting you.' The assassin heard the words in his mind.

"Mind reader!" the assassin spat. He hated dealing with the likes of those - they knew his every move. But his years of experience taught him how to deal with them. Calming himself, he cleared his mind.

'Very good. I know now that we have picked the right choice. Now, we have a proposal that will make us the most powerful men in all of the kingdom.'

"Are you in?" asked the Witch Doctor. The assassin smiled and took his seat on the right of the Mastermind.


The body of the painter was found by the river.

The healer checked for a pulse. "It looked like someone drained his life force away."

"Just earlier, the baron was murdered with a dagger in his back. What is happening to this city?" asked the Jailor, shaking his head as the Undertaker dragged the body onto his cart.

"There... there is no soul!" stammered the Priest who was performing the purification rites, "Something evil is lurking in the city!"

"Whatever it is, we will stop it," said the Knight to the Defender. The Defender wrote a note and passed it to the Messenger. "To the Minstrel." The messenger nodded and ran for the inn.

The messenger spotted the minstrel getting a mug of mead from the innkeeper. The minstrel placed a gold coin on the counter and made for the table by the door.

"A message for you," the messenger said as the note was passed to the minstrel. He nodded his head and opened it as the messenger left.


The crystal ball cracked as she saw the Undertaker load the body onto the cart. The Seer was worried. It was the third crystal ball this week. Evil lurked in the air. Stepping down from her room, she made for the city square, hoping to find out more.


The Shade smiled. The first day on the surface and it had feasted. It was already growing stronger. If it was not for the interfering priest, he would've feasted on another poor soul. It had decided - the priest must die. So must that First Circle Spawn scum, the Doppelganger, who might reveal his identity. Snickering, the Shade conjured the soul of the poor painter and started tormenting it to gain its knowledge and skills.


Factions and Roles:

4 Dark Brotherhood Cultists (Mafias)

1 Second Circle Spawn (Independent)

10 Wyrmhaven Citizens (Innocents)

Dark Brotherhood

Wins by becoming the majority.


Kills 1 character per night. Role will be revealed if attempt is foiled twice. If assassin dies, another player will be randomly picked to assume his action.

Witch Doctor

Forces one player to repeat their previous night's action. If it is a killing role, and last target was killed, will randomly target another victim. Cannot target same player twice in a row.


Allows BTSC between all dark brotherhood members. Also can read one player's mind to reveal role every other night. Upon death, BTSC is lost to Dark Brotherhood members.


Steal's a player's role for the day/night. The target's action is also nullified.

Wyrmhaven Citizens

Wins by eliminating the Dark Brotherhood.


Can heal a player, including self. Can only heal self once.


Can observe a player's actions for the night. 50% chance of getting hints to identity if no action is taken.


Night action: PM a player to receive 1 message (PM) directed to any other player. If intercepted (e.g. - killed, role stolen, blocked), message will be sent to interceptor on the same night instead.

Day action: Will deliver the message.

Messages will be delivered through the GM.


Can protect a player, except self, has 50% chance of dying in the process.


Can catch a player and throw him/her into the dungeon for a day and night cycle. Cannot capture the same player two nights in a row. Player may not post (on thread or BTSC) when captured.


Can learn the role of ONE dead player every morning.


Can purify the soul of a fallen, preventing the shade from consuming it. Can prevent the lynching of a player every other day. Cannot save the same player twice. PM must be sent the night before.


Stops a player's action for a night. If the same player is targeted again, chance is reduced to, and remains thereafter at, 50%.


50% chance of killing a player a night. If target player is not killed, his/her action has a 50% chance of being nullified.


Gains 1 gold piece every night no action is taken. Can use one gold piece to (1) boost a player's abilities (must know role) to 100% (or 0% if it is negative effect); (2) learn the role of a player. Can use two gold pieces to (1) hire any player (must know role) and make them perform any action (e.g. Can hire assassin to kill mastermind).

Second Circle Spawn

Wins by killing the Priest & Doppelganger. If the they die by any other means, must be last man standing.


Night: Automatically consumes the soul of those fallen at night, gaining their abilities. Each ability can only be used once before the soul dissipates.

Day: Has a choice of consuming the soul of the lynched player, but has a 25% chance of being discovered. PM must be sent before half of the votes are in.

Also has 1 RID killing every night. Loses a random soul for every failed attempt. If no souls are available, role will be revealed.

Starts with the painter's soul: Able to change 1 person's vote.


In-game Events:

Chance Encounter - If two players target a same player, they have a 1/6 chance of learning each others roles.

Jailbreak - Every two captures, there is a 50% chance of the player escaping from the jail in the morning. (Won't have night actions, but will be able to post on the thread).

Sign up list:
















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Sorry. BD won't let me send out PMs so it's a but tough to get everything out. I promise it will start today. :)

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Not all PMs are sent yet. BD is restricting me to 1 PM/3 minutes. I will start a new thread the moment all the PMs are sent.

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