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Signature Issue

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cheese13, that's a good question and I am glad you asked in this forum section.

1. signature should not be long - preferably 3-4 lines of text (maximum)

2. signature should not include links to sites outside BrainDen (eg. place for dragon eggs is on profile page and links to commercial sites don't belong on BD at all - eg. sneakers, loans etc.)

3. signature should not include big pictures (again, feel free to put appropriate pictures on your "About me" page)

4. signature should not be written in big font and bright or too many colors

Basically, the signature should not be distracting since the most important is content of the post itself and not the signature. Imagine that you start a topic with new riddle and there are 10 posts in a few minutes. However, all of them have long signature with several colors and they go as "lol" or "nice riddle" or "that reminds me of (and a long text)". First you would spend some time to identify which part the post itself is and what the signature is and then you would spend several minutes to go through the long text. Would you be happy about that?

Do you really want to be perceived as someone who has nothing to say on-topic but still has childish off-topic comments in signature? In BrainDen, where we value intelligent and creative responses more than off-topic spam?

I have deleted your signature twice yesterday and once today. Check your last version of signature in spoiler below - that's exactly the kind of signature which is not welcome on this site (only link outside BD and big picture is missing). Further changes of your signature might be the reason for your ban.

In 2011, the Cheese Lord will rule the Earth. Add this to your signature and you will be happy in Mozzerellopia. If not, the Cheese Lord will totally pwn u.



(")_(") It's a bunneh. Bunnehs are da boss, but cheese is DA MASTA!

Intercepting Martian message...:


Spoiler for Translation:

Give us your BLTs and you will be spared.


The force is with you.

Ahh! Finally found my socks!

Leave the Martians alone, for you are fat, chewy and great with pasta.

By the way, I STILL LIKE IKE!

The Cheese Lord is the supreme ruler, and Yoshi is the 6-star general.

I wonder if I have too much stuff on my signature.

Luke, I am your father.

Luke: Then buy me ice cream!

I cents sense grapeness in u, young wine.

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how do u get a signature?

Click on your name in the top right hand corner. Then on "My settings" - "Profile" - "Change signature"

You may find a lot of other useful tips in the "Board Guidelines" or in rules of each forum section titled "Important: READ BEFORE POSTING" - you may focus on the difference between logic puzzle and word riddle.

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