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Here is logical querry. A man is in the intersection of a unmarked Y junction. One road goes to a place say "Heaven" and the other road goes to a place called "Hell". This man wants to head in the direction of Heaven but does not know which direction to head.

Each road has a gatekeeper who are look alikes and one is from Heaven and the other is from Hell. They both are standing at the junction who could help this man for direction. The only problem is the person from Heaven always tells the truth and person from Hell always tells a lie. This fact is known to the stranger man too.

What could be the possible question this stanger man should ask the gatekeeper and can be sure that leads to Heaven? Given a criterion that he can ask only one question and to only one person. The person can be either from Heaven or Hell but the stranger man does not know about it. (HINT = in the subject of the puzzle)

Tell me which road goes to your place?

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