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  1. Ana_____mar
  2. Tem_____ilence
  3. Sun_____ect
  4. Frangi_____gyric
  5. Red_____onor
  6. Har_____ige
  7. Mis_____leton
  8. Con_____lage
  9. Sar_____nche
  10. Ethe_____istic
  11. Per_____aur
  12. Pe_____met
  13. K_____l
  14. Red_____onor

this is like my last one except the middle words are all four letters long

example: Uni_____ula

Answer: form

uniform formula

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Could #4 be


It fits with the gyric part but I'm not sure on the Frangi one, I don't know what Frangipane means, if it's even a word... lol

yep and Frangipane means an almond-flavored cream or paste

7 is Mistakeleton?


Edited by dms172
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Could it be Cent?

I can only think of Centaur. but Pecent isn't a word is it?... that one's got me stumped :)

I got Performaur or Perfectaur

hah I just saw performer and perfecter lol. Hope one of them is right

well JS got my answer just forgot an R :P


Per___aur Percent Centaur

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  1. Ana_____mar - gram
  2. Tem_____ilence - pest
  3. Sun_____ect - dial
  4. Frangi_____gyric - pane
  5. Red_____onor - dish
  6. Har_____ige
  7. Mis_____leton - take
  8. Con_____lage
  9. Sar_____nche - coma
  10. Ethe_____istic - real
  11. Per_____aur - cent
  12. Pe_____met
  13. K_____l
  14. Vio_____ral - late

6, 8(maybe not), 12 & 13 to be got still.... Edited by Joe's Student
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