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First of all they are SMARTand there is a PAUSE or a quite while. And this is the ONLY ANSWER; #1 sees nothing #2 sees #1's bandana IT IS RED #3 sees #1 & #2's. Remeber they are all smart and there is a silent Pause. A pause because #3 looks and sees a red and white bandana ON #1 AND #2 and he does not say anything because his could be red or white. Now #2 has looked and knows #1's bandana color and it is red (it is right in front of him) AND because of the silent pause from #3, he (#2) realizes #3 sees a white (#2's) and red (#1's) bandana and does not know the answer. #2, knowing the color of #1's bandana is red realizes his (#2) is the white one. #3 would not pause if he saw two red ones because he would know the answer but he did pause. We know #2 saw a red one on #1. And that IS the answer. #1 red #2 white #3 red or white we don't know about #3 and it does not matter because #2 said the correct answer and they all went free. And By the way they are all white because that's the way it is in the jungle riddles. The white man was always getting captured by the natives which are black. Not because someone is racist. It just gives you a distinct mental picture to seperate the charactres into two identifiable groups. :)

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This makes more sense:

Second man would guess correctly

The last man would say his hat is white if the other 2 had red. So, if he is silent that means the first two have different colored head bands. The second man would guess the opposite of the color the first man has. So if first man has red he would say white, if first had white he would say red.

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Excellent logic puzzle. However there is 1 solution with 3 answers:

If the 3rd person answers he says my band is white. (because he see the two red)

If the 2nd person answers he says my band is white. (because he knows one must be white and he see a red)

Finally if the 1st person answers he says my band is white. (because the 3rd and 2nd person did not answer)


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so I think I can explain this a bit easier so everyone gets it, cause it escaped my brain for awhile too

So, if numbers 1 and 2 both have on red, 3 knows he has on white. If numbers one and two each have different colors, than 3 remains silent and person two can either a) remain silent if person 1 has on a white head band, since that means he could have red or white OR b) if person one has on a red headband, he knows his must be white to keep person three silent. If persons 2 and 3 are both silent, then person one knows that his headband must be white, as person three did not speak up, eliminating the option of both person one and two having on red, and person 2 also does not speak up, eliminating the option of person 1 wearing red, since that would cause person two to speak up.

Or more simply: person three can only speak up if both men are wearing red

(meaning he is in white)

person two can only speak up if person three is silent and person one is wearing red (meaning he must be in white)

and person one can only speak up if both person one and two are silent (meaning he must be wearing white)

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The second guy is the one who gives the answer. Think.

The second guy can see the first guy, however, his answer really depends on the 3rd guyes actions.

Scenario 1

Guy # 1 has a white hate on, that leaves 2 other white hates

Guy # 3 see's another white hate on the 2nd guy therfore the 3rd guy is still confused on the color becuase he could either have a red or a white.

Now, since guy # 2 doesnt hear an answer from guy #3 that means guy # 3 cannot find the pattern which means his hate is the opposite of the first.

If guy #3 saw 2 red hats, he could tell a pattern and know his hat is white.

However, if guy #3 could not fnid a pattern, guy #2 will realize his hat is the opposite or same color depending on the 3rd guys answer.

Now, you may ask well what happens if the colors go white white red, or white red red,

Simple, if guy #3 cant tell a pattern ( 2 reds) and guy number 2 cant tell the pattern ( guy infrotn fo him needs to have red) then the first guys knows, he has a white hat on because thats the only color that would keep #2 and #3 speechless .

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Cheif can hide two band's in below combination only

RR or RW or WW

Cheif hide both white one i.e WW

So now there remain two RR and one W

so peron having White band can easliy identify that. So simple.

If Cheif hide RW

So now there remain two WW and one R

in this case two who can see red will say they have got white since he cannot have "R"

If cheif hide bot red i.e RR

then we have three white bands

So now if no body is answring means they all have white so after some time one can definetly answer white

then one will easily say tha he has got White since

Three Palefaces were taken captive by a hostile Indian tribe. According to tribe’s custom they had to pass an intelligence test, or die. The chieftain showed 5 headbands – 2 red and 3 white. The 3 men were blindfolded and positioned one after another, face to back. The chief put a headband on each of their heads, hid two remaining headbands, and removed their blindfolds. So the third man could see the headbands on the two men in front of him, the second man could see the headband on the first, and the first could not see any headbands at all.

According to the rules any one of the three men could speak first and try to guess his headband color. And if he guessed correctly – they passed the test and could go free, if not – they failed. It so happened that all 3 Palefaces were prominent logicians from a nearby academy. So after a few minutes of silence, the first man in the line said: "My headband is ...".

What color was his head band? Why?

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Cheif can hide two band's in below combination only

RR or RW or WW

Person at third position can only answer at once if he see's RR combination.

If person third is not answering means either person 2 or person 1 is having white or both are having white band's

Now person 2 can answer if he see red band on person 1.

If person 3 and person 2 are not answering means that person 1 is having White one.

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