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Two engineers got bored one day with their projects. During their smoke break, engineer A got an idea to test the IQ of engineer B. It goes something like this;

engineer A: Straight your right hand forward pointing your palm up.

engineer B: For what

engineer A: I'll test your IQ

engineer B: Ok, so

engineer A: Suppose you stand on your palm, the area between your palm and your shoulder is a wide river having a lot of crocodiles and other wild mamals.

engineer B: Ok, got it.

engineer A: Now, how would you go into other side of the river ( shoulder ) safely?

engineer B: tsk.tsk.tsk ?????

Please help engineer B to solve the puzzle.

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Chase the wild mammals into the water and let the crocs have a feeding frenzy. Then, when they are full and sleepy, cross.


Figure out how to build a wormhole and "bend your elbow" so that your hand touches your shoulder.

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