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Hi everybody (members and guests),

do you enjoy this site? If so, then you might help BrainDen to grow - get more visitors, see more quality puzzles and optical illusions, talk about more interesting topics or simply just meet people who like to use their brain and have fun.

It's easy, spread the word. For instance (preferably), you can link the following pages:

Optical Illusions - an easy way to trick the human eye (you can use the following code for html pages)

<a href="http://brainden.com/optical-illusions.htm">Optical Illusions</a>
Logic Puzzles - collection of my favorite brain teasers (you can use the following code for html pages)
<a href="http://brainden.com/logic-puzzles.htm">Logic Puzzles</a>
New Riddles - 15 latest brain teasers submitted to the New Puzzles Forum today or yesterday (you can use the following code for html pages)
<a href="http://brainden.com/new-riddles.htm">New Riddles</a>

Are you a webmaster?

Do you have a blog?

Are you a regular contributor to other forums?

Do you have an account on myspace, facebook, twitter or any other social/community site?

Do you link your favorite sites on stumbleupon, digg, reddit, delicious or any other online bookmarking service?

Are you a teacher who gives his/her students brain teasers on your school's web site?

Are you a student who likes to discuss topics on school's web site or just chatting/talking to other students?

If you answered "YES" at least once, then you can help by linking BrainDen pages that you like on other sites where you participate.

There is also another simple way to recommend good content to your friends - click Google "+1" or Facebook "Like" buttons at the top of the page that you find interesting. For instance, do you like our Optical Illusions?

Thanks for the support and enjoy The Den wink.gif

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I have great news for all Facebook users. You can easily integrate this site into your Facebook page. Simply click the "Like" button at the top, add a short comment and your Facebook profile will include the specific BrainDen page that you like. Easy :-)

Now you can share any thread from these forums with your friends on Facebook.

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