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The 2 devices


In 2 small blocks of flats there are 2 lucky devices which give one piece of paper (with a number on it) to every person.
The 1st person goes: Both devices give him number -1
The 2nd person goes: Both devices give him number -1
The 3rd person goes: Device A gives number 1 and device B gives number -1
The 4th person goes: Both devices give hin number 5
Whoever has diferrent number on the 2 pieces of paper goes
Whoever has the same number has to pay 10 euros
And to these people that the sum of the two number equals 0 wins 100 euros
a) How much money is going to be paid by people?
b) How many people are going to win?
c) What were the numbers of the 5th person?

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