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OK I'm not good at math but maybe some one on here can help me solve this problem. I'm going to give it in a question = answer form, now what i need to figure out is how do i get the answer.


fdae13 = C7DF

Here is a couple more to check your self if you need more to solve it let me know.

4fe725 = 0722

65F246 = F346

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I guesss,

For 1st one

Numeric of Alphabets are

fdea13 become 641513 so sum as follows 6+4+1+5+1+3=20==>2+0=2

C7DF become 3746 so sum 3+7+4+6=20==>2+0=2.. Hence proved :)

in this way 4fe725 = 0722 will be 2=2

65F246 = F346 is 3=3..

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