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When time flows time grows

If time stands still I shall not move

When I don’t move time might not move

And sometimes and always time moves when I don’t move

What am I?

I made this myself so if you spot any flaws

please tell me so I can improve it.

This is ment to be a spoken riddle. It contains

Homophones (I think), which sound the same but have

different meanings. I have typed it with one word throughout

so that it works here. Guess which word it is. ;)

The second and fourth "time" mean thyme as in the plant.

The "sometimes time" is thyme but the "always time" means time.

Yet sometimes thyme moves when i don't move

Yet always time moves when I don't move


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Verbal riddles can sometimes (no pun) be difficult to formulate into written text.

Using the numeral "2" only to describe the verbal sound of that numeral, could you for instance write a one line sentence stating correctly "There are three "2"s in the English language".?

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