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  1. The correct answer is to just wear sandals. Then die because you realize you accidentally put on mismatching socks before you put the sandals on.
  2. 18. That is because these are completely different typists who are typing different size pages than the last ones. These 18 typists have average 5000 wpm (somehow), but must write massive pages that requires these impressive typists 18 minutes to complete 18 pages.
  3. Easy! Nobody is a crazy idiot who was shot when he was carrying that stuff. He dropped them afterwards. The reason the "but" is in the sentence is because the reader would assume that the crazy person, who was unfortunate enough to be named "Nobody", was also carrying a knife, which he thew at the owner of the lawn. After he was declared dead on the scene and removed from the lawn the objects were not picked up yet until the officers returned to the scene to pick them up as evidence... the knife, which ended up in the middle of the road, was also picked up as evidence. These items were not "pu
  4. First of all, I would like to point out the double negative. Now enjoy your possible question. "Could you survive death?" Technically, it is not impossible for a 100% honest person to lie. They would no longer be 100% honest, but they would be before they answered the question. Therefore an honest person could answer "yes" to any question. But then again, I would say that it is impossible for any "human" to be 100% honest.
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