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    The answer to all of these silly fooleries: 1. If there's a bullet that can shoot through any barrier and there's an armor that nothing can get through, then the bullet won't get through it, because she can go through any barrier, but not any armor, and that armor, nothing can get through it, and nothing is void, or more precisely the absence of any existence, but nothing is still existing! So nothing CAN get through the armor, but not the bullet, because you said that she can go through any barrier, but not any armor. 2. The fountain of eternal life gives eternal life, making you able to age forever without your body stopping working because he's too old, not invincibility to any damage that can happen to your body, and drowning is water damaging and clogging your lungs until you can't use them to breath anymore, lack oxygen, and die, so you're able to live as much as you want, but not survive any kind of trauma or damage. 3. If you don't accept the mission, then ok, but if you accept the mission, you failed the mission, but you still advanced to somewhere in the mission, you made progress in a way, because even being bad still advances you in something, maybe towards prison, but still! 4. If the girl killed her grandmother after she gave birth to one of her parents, then she is still born. 5. The morning, the temperature is 0°, but in the night, it gets colder, so -1°, -2°, -3° or less, so tomorrow it will be either -2°, -4°, -6° (even decimals)... etc. 6. You just answer «truthfully (yes or no)». 7. First, let's say the car is properly equipped to resist such speed. If you're in a car like this and go the speed of light, the first photon that comes out will stay motionless, in the same spot it appeared, and no more photons will come out, because there is already one occupying the "appearing spot". And finally 8. He just creates a stone with a negative weight that has a smaller number than his own weight, which can float, so if he lifts it up, the stone is only floating, not being lifted, so it doesn't count as "lifting", and if he holds it in his hands while its over the ground, he will make it go down, so the stone is being "lifted "up"", in its own dimension of logic. If you think I'm wrong, rethink it, and you'll see.
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