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  1. Is there anyone out there that might be able to provide some suggestion as to what my next step should be to determine a consistent matrix according to the colour combinations of the outer wheels?
  2. It's so lonely trying to figure planetary gears and sequencing. I suspect that I must begin to scratch at this like a primal man in his cave, by the light of his warm fire. There are five colours per wheel. Each colour has 6 potential values. Thus, each wheel has 30*5 is 180 values. If there are three wheels, each with 180 potentials, then the total number of possible combinations is either 3*180 is 540. or 125*6 is 750. Either way it feels like too high of a number for me to count. So I have resoved to use one of my only and favorite math skills: factoring. There are 5 colours each w
  3. Anyone know how I should go about this? Should I start by looking at a book on sequencing?
  4. Hi all I am running a community challenge for our magic the gathering community. We are developing a new way to play with role-playing elements. I've issued a challenge for help (but I would proly be waiting for a long for any response from my community yo). I found this forum and I hope someone can point me in the right direction. We have a three-wheel calculator and require the greatest amount of resultants based upon the five-colour combinations of the wheels (and some colourless results would also be much appreciated). Simply cut out the spaces at the center of the wheels so
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