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  1. Hi, i need help with the following questions for an ancient boundaries of Yorkshire quiz. All answers can be found in or partly in the ancient boundaries of Yorkshire. I've tried working them out but i can't find the correct answers for the questions, if anyone can please help me i would be really thankful for the help, thanks and kind regards, Cryptic answers: 1. Isle possessing band (10) (3 words) 2. What about embracing it through great makeover? (13) (2 words) 3. Turn leaves within same time as audiences (11) 4. Note about trophy supply (14) (2 words) Answer i thought: Great Smeaton 5. Arrives in West Ham through City outskirts (12) (2 words) Answer i thought: Cold Hiendley 6. Land vehicle next to water pipe with bend in (13) (2 words) Answer i thought: Purston Jaglin 7. Cart? What about power? (13) (3 words)
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