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  1. A class of high school students wanted to send a bunch of roses to their beloved principal on his forthcoming birthday one rose per year. So they sent a delegation. - Mr. Principal, how old will you be? - I 'd rather not say. All I can tell you - I'll be one third older than the history teacher. So the went to the history teacher: - Mr. Banks, how old are you? - If the boss won't tell you his age, neither shall I. But I'm one third older than the physics teacher. So they went to mrs. Colt, the physics teacher: - Mrs Colt, how old are you? - It's not very polite to ask a lady her age! All I' m ready to reveal - I'm one third older than miss Tangent, the math teacher. So they went to see miss Tangent: - Miss Tangent, how old are you? When told the reason for their question, she got mad: Shame on you! Nearly two years I've been teaching you math, and you still want help on a simple problem like this?! - How many roses will the class buy, provided all ages are in whole years?
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