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  1. lets assume that whatever the mother says will be true which in this case it is. the simple response to the crocodile will be "you will give him back". if she says that then the crocodile will have to give the child back because as i said we assume that whatever the mother says is true. then it leads us to ask, if she said that he would not give the child back, there would be a chance that the crocodile intended to eat him, but since the mother predicted it, she would get the child. then we see a paradox in the second scenario where the crocodile was going to eat him but didnt and at this point the crocodile probably drags the child back in the nile with the same intent as the first time. of course if the keep doing that over and over eventually one of them will change their answer, but what does it matter? if the crocodile changes his intent from eating to guving back then if the woman predicts that he will give the child back the child he must and ge will. at that point he will be so infuriated, he will take the mother and let the child go as promised.
  2. if you beleive in destiny than what is the pount in life. im a christian and the difference is that i am with god
  3. if the barber will shave everyone who eill not shave themself then it is right to assume that THE BARBER will shave himself because the question implys that he has not already
  4. if a cretan says "all cretans lie" then we simply cannot beleive him. then that raises the question that if we assume he didnt lie, he told the truth that all cretans lie, making him a liar
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