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  1. Yes, I can agree with that logic. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I may be overthinking again - probably a weakness of mine. But I note that answers 5 and 6 are almost the same but not quite. This hints that the order of overlay may be important.
  3. Good idea, but if you look closely, number 8 is slightly different. It looks like two sticks, one over the other. The horizontal one is below the vertical one. In the matrix above, the edge lines of the sticks can be fully seen in both sticks. Perhaps that gives us a clue?
  4. Yes, I think the duplicated answers were probably just a mistake. This is the other question I am having trouble with:
  5. Thanks K-man. I agree with what you say, but am curious what the circular arcs are all about. If it was only about square/rectangle/triangle that would be consistent with the earlier questions which were easier. This was no. 41 out of 45 and they were all more complex. Perhaps I am over-thinking the question...
  6. Hello to all, I am new to this forum. Recently I did an online IQ test which had 45 Raven type questions. There are two which I still can't solve after driving myself nuts looking at them. Perhaps this is a good place to get the problem solved? The questions all involve a 3x3 matrix and there is usually a logic sequence going from left to right, and sometimes also up to down. The idea is to supply the missing corner chosen from the eight samples below.
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