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  1. @CaptainEd Bro U got it.18 is the right answer
  2. A call center agent has a list of 305 phone numbers of people in alphabetic order of names (but she does not have any of the names). She needs to quickly contact Dick Harvey to convey a message to him. If each call takes 2 minutes to complete, and every call is answered, what is the minimum amount of time in which she can guarantee to deliver the message to Mr. Harvey.
  3. @jasen bro,he is ,the king he can serve from any bottle ,so we need to find the poisonous bottle.
  4. There is a king. He has 1000 wine bottles. One of them is poisonous. poison shows its effect on 31st day after the intake. King has a party scheduled on the 31st day where he has to serve wine. what is the minimum number of soldiers that he would require to identify which bottle is poisonous before the party. Condition: each soldier can drink the combination formed from any number of bottles.
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