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  1. 10001 added a post in a topic What is better - eternal bliss or a simple bread?   

    it depends on how the word "nothing" is defined

    if "nothing" is defined as an object/ a thing, this statement is correct

    if "nothing" is defined as a pronoun, this statement is incorrect, because you cannot compare an object/ a thing with a pronoun
    (it's the same as that you cannot compare the number 17 with the weather today)
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  2. 10001 added a post in a topic Crocodile Sophism   

    "you are going to eat him"

    1) statement is true <=> the crocodile is actually going to eat the child <=> she guessed correctly <=> crocodile is going to (/it has to) return the child
    2) statement is not true <=> the crocodile is not going to eat the child <=> he is going to return the child
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