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  1. It's Friday and you have completed your first week at work. You have been introduce to several people and have received your first company newsletter. There is a meet your employees section that features five employees; Travis, Roberto, Mike, Stephanie, Vickie. Using the clues below your goal is to figure out each persons job title, how long they have worked for the company. (1,3,5,15, or 30 years), and how they arrive to work. 1. Travis has worked longer than the Specialist but not as long as the person who rides the bus. 2. Since she uses public transportation, Stephanie enjoys playing Candy Crush on her way to work. 3. Roberto has been at with the company exactly double the number of years as the Attorney. 4. Vickie or the person who rides the bullet train celebrated 15 years of service. 5. Mike was promoted two years ago to a Consultant. 6. A seat is not always available for the Security Officer and has to stand on the way to work at times. 7. The Project Manager position requires a minimum of six years on the job experience. 8. The Specialist can leave at any time since she does not follow a public transportation schedule. 9. Subway transportation became available eight years ago. 10. The car driver has been driving to work for more than six years. 11. During the last winter storm, only Travis and the Attorney arrived on time; the ones who travelled by bicycle, car, and bus were late.
  2. marcus, steve, denise, jose, and stacy particpated in the privacy office's brain teaser challenge and were the five fastest solvers. They work in cliams, policy service, legal, marketing, and csc; however, not in that order. neither jose nor stacy work in claims. Jose solved the challenge faster than marcus and stacy. the csc employee solved the challege faster than stacy and denise. the policy service employee solved the challege faster than the claims and marketing employees. Marcus and stacy solved the challenge ahead of the marketing employee. Steve solved the challenge before the csc and policy service employees. Who works in what department and inwhat place ded each employee finish?
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