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  1. Oops sorry i didnt mean to do that my mistake
  2. But what if the kid can't swim?
  3. But now, here is the paradox. Yes, if the croc is being honest or not is important, but how about this: she could say "you will defenitely not give me back my child." If he keeps the child, he will be lying. If he gives back the child, he will be lying. The only logical thing for him to do with the child would be something completely different, like dump him in the river. She can then fish him out because the crocodile can no longer touch the boy, unless there are some very smart hippos in there too. MORAL OF STORY: don't let children play by rivers known to be homes of crocodiles.
  4. If the crocodile is THAT hungry, he'll just eat the kid even if the answer is right.However, if he is telling the truth, she should either say "You will give me back my child", or " you will eat my child" of course if you say the latter, he'll probably say "damn right i am" and eat him. It all depends on if the crocodile is honest. If not, Sorry lady!
  5. He is saying that Cretans are liars. However, he is not saying that they lie all the time. if you lied all the time, you would probably be unemployed/homeless. E.G; your boss: complete this assignment by tomorrow. I f you always lie, than you can either say"no" and get fired or say "yes Sir" and not be able to do it because you lied. And get fired. This is really more of a puzzle then a paradox. You just have to think.
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