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  1. Find the Fake

    You have 50 coins that all look exactly the same. One of them is fake and weighs a few grams more than the others. Given a balance scale (not a triple beam scale), what is the fewest number of weightings you could use to find the fake coin? Explain.
  2. Word Shuffle

    Somebody sent this to me... and I can't figure it out! The following sets of letters are each two six letter words, scrambled. There are no extras, and no letter is used more than once. Both words are related. 1. MORETASIOVEN 2. ADOSLEZINEGP 3. TARQUAGRERTY 4. EXCUENLEPSTS 5. TWOEBEBLETER 6. MESLAGIGHERT 7. TRARICTFKYUL 8. JOUTUNINKEGT Thanks a ton! Remember, you are looking for two related six letter words in each of the 8 sets! Good luck!