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  1. i dunno Klue, but one thing I have noticed...

    Naming the vanillas as mere vanillas is an advantage to the Baddies..

    They can out their roles, while being safe.

    Similarly, a goodie too have more chance of being lynched this way.

    If a person is getting lynched, and he outs himself as "I am a vanilla", he have more chances of being lynched, as compare to he saying, "I am John Smith" (John Smith being a unique goodie role)

    So just wanna tell you that generalizing the vanillas goes in baddies favour.

  2. How nice of you to bring,

    the flowers, fresh,

    How nice of you to sing

    the seldom, sung

    How nice of you to come,

    though a little, late

    How nice of you to think,

    though with a hint, of hate

    To place the flowers, on the tombstone cold.

    To sing the prayers, who to evil sold.

    To whom you come to meet, and met his grave.

    And now you bury the feelings, of events old.

    How nice of you to come,

    For great was the vice

    But you remained, you noble self

    How nice...

  3. USERNAME: Anon26
    NAME: Anon
    RACE: Human
    APPEARANCE: A small little boy
    PROFESSION: Wanders around the kingdom, discovering and learning things.
    OTHER INFO: Quite, courageous, and thoughtful. Keep himself to himself. A loner

  4. If the roster isn't full by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week, I'll be cutting roles, redrawing the map, and starting the game.

    I have a busy schedule, and can only play one Mafia at a time.

    Just because you said this,

    I unsigned from Smiley Mafia, and am signing here. :)

    but be warned, I am not all clear about the rules. I am little confused... :wacko:

  5. I smiled because, the deed I did

    You smiled, as it was me you caught,

    And you might win this game

    But I have won, what is seldom sought.

    I rejoice for I have won,

    won, a victory better,

    The act, seldom done.

    the game better half I repeat,

    I WON !

  6. Tolc, you did a thing of sense for sure..

    Also, I will keep tabs on that second baddy.

    which possibly are EDM, Smoth and mboon

    tolc, I was under impression of YoDell being someone...

    looks like she is not what I expected, so possibly baddie.

    Plus, she is pushing on on me..

    But my softer part says that there is still possiblity of Yodell being good,



    Tho I am suspicious of Smoth and boon, my vote stays... On Yodell.

  7. do what ???

    aaand.. btw ... I'm a 'she' ;)

    I know you are a "She" but always end up writing as "He"

    Maybe its the different avatar or what!

    and I have cc leary written the way you could get out of this mess. but forgot to add "if you are a baddy" (Which i am quite sure of)

  8. Players:

    1. mboon - voting for
    2. EDM - voting for
    3. tolecnal - voting for
    4. smoth333 - voting for
    5. Yodell - voting for Anon26
    6. Anon26 - voting for Yodell


    1. Bong - Killed N1 by Longshanks
    2. Sakura-chan - Lynched D2 and found to be Longshanks
    3. Nana7 - Killed N3 by Prince Edwards
    4. Tralala! - Lynched D3 and found to be Princess Isabelle
    5. MiKi - Killed N4 by Prince Edwards
  9. Yodell was a bit too early to jump the guns..

    Yodell was blocked, Hamish acted..

    Do I have to make it clearer?

    Who could be Hamish, He? Use your brain...!!!

    my vote on Yodell..

    Yodell just got one way out of this mess... I cc an tell you. He will do it..

  10. Just correcting you Yodell.

    I think Tolc is a confirmed goodie. (See N1)

    I dont know what to deduce but:

    1. You dragged Smoth in yesterday..

    2. You avoided mboon now.

    tho I have some opinion regarding mboon and Smoth, It will have to wait till the Day..

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