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  1. So my school opened on Monday... You might be seeing me as "not so active" now.

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    2. Anon26


      ^^Reinforcement of Faulty logic, or bad grammar above..

      The thing is..

      Can I see you.. (this would be a yes, I can see whoever I want)

      but the question is..

      Would I see you?...(this is action)

      And I will have to call, ummmmmm....

      A teacher? to tell you......

      Now who is a teacher here? *ponders*


    3. Auramyna


      Yes, but can I see you (no, Cos you aren't active)

      So if I can't see you, would I see you i.e - do an action of seeing you (no. I can't. Cos you aren't active.)

      I mean, I would if I could but I can't.

      Ah, see that? Would if I COULD. However I CAN'T. (So therefore, I WOULDN'T)

      No need for a teacher to explain.

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