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  1. aww, I miss having the other lolcat pic up too :(

  2. Oh, a light rotation at the hospital I'm working at. I'm doing renal consults for the next 2 weeks, just 8-5 weekdays, no overnight or weekend work. BUT, I just came down with the flu, despite getting vaccinated. BLEARGH. Will have to stay home a few days. Hope the storm's through over there!

  3. I'm starting a light rotation now, woot! :D What's new with you? Oh, and I'm 16 x 2, but I still act like I'm about 8. :P

  4. Erg, the site redesign moved the links to all my topics and riddles. Click the "About Me" tab up above to bring it up.

  5. Yeah, biology rocks!

    Aw, too bad I just read the spoilers on the EPYC 5 thread. Maybe I can jump in on the next one.

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