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  1. When I tried to work this out, I hit a dead end pretty quickly. Makes me think this isn't solvable. Maybe I'm missing something obvious...

    BC - XP = XC tells me that P=0

    If P=0, CV - QP = VG means V=G and GP-ZY=JY means Y=5

    and then

    CY - GM = ZP means M=5

    So...P=0, Y=5, M=5, V=G

    VJ - MV = QG becomes GJ - 5G = QG...that means J = 2G, therefore G must equal 1, 2, 3, or 4

    But if G<5, we can't do the subtraction problem GJ - 5G = QG unless Q is a negative integer.

  2. If the cake was just a regular rectangle...

    Would cutting a circle out of the middle be considered a "one straight" cut? To keep the numbers simple, if the cake were 2 feet x 4.71 feet, she could cut a circle with a 2 foot diameter out of the middle. You would then have a circle piece with an area of 3.14 feet, and the two side pieces with the same area.

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